You and Four Friends Can Dine With Famous NYC Detective Sonny Grosso

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sonny Grosso In 'The French Connection'

I don’t know what your dinner plans are like this summer, but I’ve got a line on a potential game-changer. On the auction site Gavel & Grand, a dinner for six at Rao’s in New York City with the famous detective Sonny Grosso (he of the “French Connection” drug bust, the largest heroin bust to this day) is on the block.

Just imagine – you and five friends, relaxing at what Gavel & Grand calls the best Italian restaurant in the entire city, with the guy who Roy Scheider’s character in The French Connection is based on. And it’s not just Sonny Grosso that’s the big draw here – Rao’s is famously difficult to get into, usually reserved for the very top tier of New York’s creme de la creme, and even they have to call a couple days in advance.

That explains why the bidding for a dinner at Rao’s with Sonny Grosso is $3200, and you can just buy the opportunity outright for 15 grand. You can check out the listing here, and maybe even place a bid yourself. Split five ways, it’s not even that much money!