Guy Beats ‘Mega Man X’ and ‘X2’ Simultaneously With One Controller (Video)

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mega Man X and X2 Simultaneous Playthrough

Every once in a while someone does something that actually does not seem like it would be possible. I don’t mean that in a “climbing Mt. Everest” kind of way, where the thing just seems to be incredibly difficult, but that it literally seems impossible by any real physical standard. That’s the case with video game enthusiast Aura Puffs, who hooked up one controller to two different video games – Mega Man and X2, and beat them both using the same actions in both games.

Like I said before, it doesn’t seem like it should even be possible, and if I hadn’t seen it happen myself I probably wouldn’t believe it (well, I saw some of it happen myself, the complete video is about three hours long). But the proof is in the pudding, and the Mega Man in each of the games does the same thing throughout the entire run, and both games get completed.

You can watch all three hours of Aura Puffs’ incredible simultaneous run-through of Mega Man X and Mega Man X2 below. And for more from Aura Puffs, you can take a look at the miracle worker’s official YouTube channel right here.

Here’s the video: