New Porsche Experience Center and Corporate HQ Built in Atlanta (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, May 14, 2015

Atlanta, Georgia has been Porsche’s North American home for decades now, but the relationship has been kicked up to the next level thanks to a couple newly completed projects. It’s the Porsche Experience Center, a kind of museum and theme park for Porsche diehards attached to their new Porsche North America Headquarters.

The whole thing cost around $100 million to build, which makes it the biggest and most expensive Porsche installation outside of the company’s native Germany. The usual corporate things go on at the company’s HQ, but it’s the Porsche Experience Center that should get your blood pumping, with its 1.6 mile test track, off-road course, and a design-your-own Porsche exhibit, among other Porsche-related museum exhibitions.

You can check out a few photos from the Porsche Experience Center in the gallery below. And for more information on the project, you can read a press release straight from Porsche’s official site right here.

Here are the photos: