Ping An Finance Centre: World’s 2nd Tallest Skyscraper Climbed by Daredevils (Video)

by: Joseph On  Monday, May 11, 2015

Ping An Finance Centre Climb

The Ping An Finance Centre is a Chinese skyscraper currently under construction, but once it’s completed it will rank as the 2nd highest building on Earth, with an antenna spire on top that reaches a total of 2,165 feet into the air. But that didn’t stop the insane climbing duo On The Roofs from climbing all the way to the top in a new video released online in the last few days.

The video shows the On The Roof guys breaking through the Ping An Finance Centre’s surprisingly lax security and the processes required to do so, but the most memorable part of it is definitely the end, which shows the guys climbing that impossibly tall antenna spire all the way to the top, and finding the time for a couple of selfies while they’re up there.

If you’ve got four minutes to spare and an urge to force your heart up through your throat and out of your mouth, you can watch On The Roofs’ climbing to the top of the Ping An Fincance Centre for yourself below. And for more similarly blood-freezing videos, check out the On The Roofs YouTube channel right here.

Here’s the video: