Messy Brine Jalabeaño Carrots

by: Joseph On  Monday, May 11, 2015

Messy Brine Jalabeaño Carrots

Carrots: Unless you’re a big Bugs Bunny fan (or you’re actually Bugs Bunny), they’re just not that exciting a food, and the same goes for green beans. But the people at Messy Brine have changed that, with liberal doses of jalapeño, garlic, and other ingredients, to give birth to their Messy Brine Jalabeaño Carrots blend.

Messy Brine Jalabeaño Carrots are basically a hip alternative for pickles, a welcome entity given that we’re just now entering into prime pickle season. Messy Brine recommends they make a good pair with a Bloody Mary or with a chicken salad sandwich, but they probably taste great all by themselves, as long as you don’t mind snacking on something with a little bit of kick to it.

A jar of Messy Brine Jalabeaño Carrots will set you back eight bucks over at the official Messy Brine online store here, where you can also get some more information on the pickles regarding nutrition facts and the like. Just don’t expect to be able to go back to plain old pickles, carrots, or green beans after you do so.