Legendary Ferrari Test Driver Dario Benuzzi Races Four Different Ferrari Models (Video)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, May 7, 2015

Dario Benuzzi Video

What do the Ferrari F40, the Ferrari F50, the Ferrari Enzo and the Ferrari LaFerrari have in common? They were all test-driven by the legendary Dario Benuzzi, as has been every other production model Ferrari going back decades to 1969 – but these are a special group, since they’re the subject of a new video from the company that puts multiple Benuzzi test runs together into one composite race through the magic of digital effects.

The video is called Four Ferrari thoroughbreds for a special driver, that special driver being Dario Benuzzi, who brings a special visual flair to his performance with these four different Ferrari automobiles. And who better to race against Benuzzi than three other Benuzzis?

You can watch Dario Benuzzi take to the track against his three clones, each one in a different Ferrari model, below. And for more from the Ferrari brand, head over to its official site here.

Here’s the video: