National Comedy Center: New Comedy Club Will Feature Dead Comedian Holograms

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, May 6, 2015

National Comedy Center

In the great annals of bad ideas, there are some that stand out from the pack and demand to be recognized for their audacity and brazenness. One of those ideas has just come from the National Comedy Center, a new Jamestown, New York comedy club that will feature three-dimensional holograms of dead comedians like Rodney Dangerfield and Milton Berle in a stand-up-like setting.

The National Comedy Center will seek to give visitors the experience of seeing their favorite dead comedians live – although “live” is probably an inherent contradiction in terms, given the circumstances. No word on how the club is going to handle hecklers, which seems like it might be a big problem when you have “comedians” who are unable to respond to anything that happens in the audience.

You can read more about the National Comedy Center’s plans over at The New York Times right here. And don’t forget to tip your servers – they aren’t made of light, so they have to eat.