DUFL: Luxury Travel Service for Storing and Shipping Business Attire

by: Joseph On  Sunday, May 3, 2015


Nobody likes packing for a trip, and if you’re a frequent business traveler it might occur to you to not even bother unpacking at all just to avoid the hassle. But there’s a new smartphone app and travel service that actually goes a step or two further than that – it’s DUFL, which gives you a personal locker for all your business attire that can be shipped to any destination at the push of a button.

Once you deposit your business wear (or any other clothes you find yourself packing frequently) into your personal DUFL locker, they remain there until selected by you for your next trip. Then, they arrive at your hotel before you do – and then all you have to do is schedule a pickup, and your clothes end up cleaned and stored back in the locker.

DUFL costs about $10 a month, plus $100 for every round trip you use the service for, but also removes most of the hassles associated with frequent travel, so if you’re one of that select group you should probably check out some more information on the service right here.