Secret Apartment Inside Eiffel Tower Now Open to Public (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, April 28, 2015

If you’ve ever indulged in the fantasy of a small Parisian apartment where you can relax in between 18-hour sex sessions while guzzling expensive wine, you understand the value of Paris real estate. But even your wildest Paris fantasies probably didn’t include an apartment in the Eiffel Tower, even though one has existed since the tower’s original construction.

The Eiffel Tower apartment, located near the top, was a closely-guarded secret for many years. It was reserved as a hideaway for the tower’s designer Gustave Eiffel, who invited only the most prestigious guests (like Thomas Edison) inside. Now, though, the apartment is open to the public, although unfortunately not to rent.

Instead, the Eiffel Tower apartment is more of a tourist attraction, with mannequins of Edison and Eiffel alongside period-appropriate set dressing, to give guests to the landmark a feel for what the apartment would have been like back in the old days. If you’re not planning a trip to Paris any time soon, you can still see a few photos of the apartment in the gallery below, and for more check out an article on the spot here.

Here’s the gallery: