Quicksilver True Wetsuits: Wetsuits That Double as Formal Wear (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Monday, April 27, 2015

At this point it’s probably hackneyed to liken consumer products to things James Bond might use, but in the case of the Quicksilver True Wetsuits collection, that comparison is tough if not downright impossible to avoid. That’s because the idea behind the True Wetsuits collection is to provide the wearer with a wetsuit that also looks just like an actual suit.

Quicksilver True Wetsuits are real two-piece suits, made from high-stretch jersey neoprene and “dryflight” fabric. And there are three style options available: Black, navy, or tuxedo (!), which includes peak lapels and even a bow tie. It’s truly a wonderful time to be a surfer and also a formal wear enthusiast.

If you think the whole “Quicksilver True Wetsuits look just like actual suits” is bunk, you can take a look at the collection in the gallery below and see for yourself. And for more information on the wetsuits, which start at around $2,500, head over to the collection’s official site right here.

Here are the photos: