OAMC Field Tests Sunglasses Against Wrench, Watermelon, and More (Video)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, April 23, 2015

OAMC Field Test

When you put on a pair of sunglasses, you never know what object is going to come flying at your face. But if you put on a pair of OAMC sunglasses, you’ll be secure in the knowledge that they’ll stand up to almost anything that could come your way, thanks to a new OAMC field test video released by the eyewear brand.

The OAMC field test shows the brand’s sunglasses being assaulted by a motley assortment of objects, including a wrench, a raw steak, a light bulb, marbles, a knife and more. In short, a lot more stuff than you’re likely to have flying at your face unless you work at the OAMC field test laboratory.

You can watch the OAMC field test video below. And to see more from the OAMC brand, as well as their spring/summer 2015 collection of sunglasses, head over to the official OAMC site right here.

Here’s the video: