Prom Proposal Mocked by Teen Before She Realizes It’s From Her Boyfriend (Video)

by: Joseph On  Monday, April 20, 2015

Prom Proposal Goes Wrong

The recipe for viral video success, regardless of its other ingredients or components, is it has to have at least a dash of humiliation or (at the very least) extreme awkwardness. That’s definitely the case with this new viral hit, which shows an elaborate prom proposal being dismissed as “shitty” by the recipient before she grasps what’s actually going on.

To be totally fair to her, this prom proposal is kind of weird, using the medium of roadside, Burma Shave style signs to ask her to prom, but with a marriage fake-out that the guy probably wishes he hadn’t done. She cries profusely after she realizes what happened, and ends up saying yes, so maybe we can file this one under “happy endings” for the time being.

You can watch the prom proposal from Hell go down in the video below. And maybe the whole thing being featured in the Daily Mail here will help smooth things over even more.

Here’s the video: