MF Doom x Akomplice: New Mystery Collaboration Announced

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Four years ago, rap supervillain MF Doom and streetwear brand Akomplice released a collaborative collection that could only be acquired by purchasing a nailed-shut wooden crate and prying it open with an officially licensed crowbar. Now, a similarly enigmatic collaboration has been announced, and instead of a crate the 2015 MF Doom x Akomplice collection will come in a silver-and-black mystery bag.

Back in 2011, the MF Doom x Akomplice collection included stuff like exclusive t-shirts, a compass and pocket watch, and even a cassette tape with an up-to-that-point unreleased MF Doom track. What will be in the mystery bag this time around is anyone’s guess, but whatever it is you’ll only have a 24-hour window to grab one yourself.

That 24-hour period begins at noon EST on April 12th, at the Akomplice online store right here. For now, you can take a look at the mysterious silver-and-black bag that will hold the 2015 MF Doom x Akomplice collection in the gallery below.