Robert Durst’s Childhood Mansion is for Sale for $3.8 Million (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Friday, April 3, 2015
Tags:  HBO   Mansions   Robert Durst   The Jinx   Real Estate  

If you were one of the millions swept up in the recent HBO true crime miniseries The Jinx, you probably found yourself at least a little bit obsessed with likely serial murderer and charming sociopath Robert Durst. And if you’re obsessed enough to want to own the home where he lived as a kid, you can, provided you have the almost $4 million necessary to buy it.

That’s right, you can own the Scarsdale, New York mansion where Robert Durst claims to have seen his mother commit suicide, as well as God knows what else went on inside. Curiously, though, the mansion’s real estate listing doesn’t mention any of that, not does it mention the Durst family as having owned the house at all. Don’t the current owners known that’s a huge selling point?

Anyway, you can see a few photos of the mansion that begat Robert Durst in the gallery below. And you can also check out the house’s online real estate listing right here.

Here’s the gallery: