‘The Walking Dead’ Infographics Rank Characters by Kills (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, April 2, 2015

How can you rate a fictional character? You could try doing it by how interesting they are to you, how sympathetic or identifiable their dramatic arcs are, or maybe by their clothes. Or you could do what an Imgur user by the name MorbidMalignant did and rank the characters on the AMC original series The Walking Dead by how many on-screen kills they’ve racked up.

These infographics show The Walking Dead characters in a slightly different, more murderous light, and might contain some surprises even to diehard fans of the show. And MorbidMalignant doesn’t skip on the stats breaking the show down by season, as well as an overall master ranking.

You can see a few of MorbidMalignant’s The Walking Dead infographics in the gallery below. And to see the whole set (which includes lots of other infographics related to the show), head over to MorbidMalignant’s Imgur page right here.

Here’s the gallery: