‘Tron: Legacy’ Lightcycle Can Be Yours for an Estimated $40,000

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, March 24, 2015

It was literally only yesterday that I made a joke about Tron: Legacy on this very site, in an article about The Closet of Legends. But now it would seem that the joke is on me, because a working replica Lightcycle is going up for auction this summer, and is expected to fetch anywhere from 25 to 40 grand.

While this Tron: Legacy replica Lightcycle won’t be able to let you speed through the highways of a computer, it will speed you along whatever highways you’re brave enough to drive it on with a 96 volt, direct-drive electric motor and computer-controlled throttle. If you can manage to outbid Daft Punk, that is.

You have until May 2nd to save up those arcade quarters, since that’s when the Tron: Legacy Lightcycle replica is going up before the Sotheby’s auction block – you can see its listing here. And a perhaps-financially-saner option is available as well, which is to look at some photos of the item in the gallery below.