‘Man Grabbing A Beer Gets Some Devastating News’ (Video)

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 11.00.26 AM

What’s the worst news you’ve ever seen on a beer? If you’re the vast majority of people, it’s probably something like “the beer is expired” or “the beer isn’t cold yet,” but a guy in a video recently making the viral rounds has an answer to that question that beats them all – which is probably why the video is titled Man Grabbing A Beer Gets Some Devastating News.

I can’t decide whether or not I should go ahead and reveal what that news is here, so I’ll go halfway and give you enough hints so that you can probably figure it out, but you’ll still want to watch the video to confirm. The news was delivered by his wife, who creatively added new labels to the beer in the fridge so as to give the news in a “fun” and “potentially viral” way.

So, you’ve probably guessed by now what the news on the beer is. And hopefully it wasn’t actually bad news, but wonderful news – either way, it’s funny, and you can watch Man Grabbing A Beer Gets Some Devastating News for yourself below.