Shrine Shoe Rack: Give Your Sneakers the Display They Deserve (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Monday, March 23, 2015

One of the biggest problems that every sneaker collector faces is just how to display the most prized pieces in his or her collection. And the people at The Shine Co. out of San Francisco have devised one possible solution – it’s the Shrine Shoe Rack, a rack for virtually any kind of shoe that was designed to save space and look great in the process.

The Shrine Shoe Rack displays your shoes as close to the wall as possible without actually breaking through into the other room, which makes it an especially good choice for sneakerheads living in small apartments or other relatively enclosed spaces. Low tops and high tops can both fit on it, as can sandals, flats, and even some boots, which makes it one of the more versatile shoe storage solutions out there.

You can check out a few photos of the Shrine Shoe Rack below (sneakers, unfortunately, are not included). If you want to buy one for your place, head over to The Shrine Co. online store here, where it’s priced at $120.

Here’s the gallery: