Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine

by: Joseph On  Monday, March 16, 2015

Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine

Keeping your records clean is one of the cornerstone duties of the serious record collector. But it’s also a pain to regularly clean your records, and it’s difficult to do a thorough job. Unless, of course, you invest in an Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine, a product hailing from the Netherlands that aims to make the record cleaning process as simple and effective as possible.

The Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine achieves this with an automatic motor-powered system that runs your records through a turntable manned by a goat hair brush and with a small suction arm that Hoovers up any remaining residue in lieu of a needle. The result? Records that stay pristine, looking and (much more importantly) sounding great for the foreseeable future.

As you might expect, a piece of fine hardware like the Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine doesn’t come cheap, retailing for $650 at the product’s official site right here. But if you truly love your records, you’ll do anything to keep them safe, even if it means your kids have to go without new shoes for a while.