After Boyfriend Leaves Room, What Security Cam Catches Her Doing Will Shock You (Video)

by: Joseph On  Friday, March 13, 2015

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Men tend to have certain illusions about the women in their life, especially in the bloom of a new relationship. Guys assume that girls will never cheat on them, that they’ll always love them, and that (most importantly) they don’t have the same bodily functions that they have. But a recent video making the viral rounds shows that that last one definitely isn’t true, depicting what happens as a security camera catches a girlfriend in a private moment.

 Just to be clear, we’re talking about flatulence here, so if that’s something that does not appeal to you you better go somewhere else for today’s viral video entertainment. But if that’s something that does appeal to you, read on – and don’t let the unlikelihood of this being actual security camera footage bother you while you watch.

You can watch this “security camera catches a girlfriend in private” footage, if you dare, below. But hey, don’t get too upset, I’m sure this is just a fluke, and that your girlfriend never farts, ever. Maybe you want to make sure, though, in which case you can head over to Best Buy here and pick up a security camera for yourself.