Waterford Mixology Collection – ‘Mad Men’ Edition

by: Joseph On  Monday, March 9, 2015

Waterford Mixology Collection Mad Men Edition

Ask 10 Mad Men fans to name an activity they associate with the show, and you’ll probably get one or two “fingerbanging,” a couple “quietly sobbing about your broken marriage,” and probably a few “smoking” answers, but you can rest assured that the rest will be some variation on “drinking alcohol.” Now, the people behind the Waterford Mixology Collection are capitalizing on that association with a new line of drinkware.

The Mad Men Edition of the Waterford Mixology Collection includes everything you need to get drunk like Don and the gang (except actual alcohol), including 60s designs of decanters, pitchers, highball glasses, and much more. And they’re all cut from Waterford’s signature premium crystal, as well as added bonuses like gold and platinum.

You do need to be making close to Don Draper dollars to spend the kind of money they’re asking for the Waterford Mixology Collection Mad Men Edition over at the Waterford online store here. Or you could just go post-60s and put it on a credit card.