Imran Ciesay’s ‘Places + Faces’: Candid Photos of Kanye West, Big Sean, and More

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Photographer Imran Ciesay is releasing a new zine showcasing the work he’s best known for – candid photos of rappers ranging from Kanye West, Big Sean, A$AP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa, and many more. It’s called Places + Faces, a 60-page collection of photographs that should be of interest to photography buffs, rap fans, and everyone in between.

Places + Faces demonstrates Imran Ciesay’s knack for capturing figures of the very upper tier of the hip hop world with their guards down, in candid, un-posed shots that show them as real people and not performers. It gets its name from the web series also driven by Ciesay, and is sure to be another great addition tot he photographer’s portfolio.

You can see a few photos from the Places + Faces zine by Imran Ciesay in the gallery below. But to see the whole thing, you’ll need to hit the project’s website here on March 18th, when the zine is set to be released to the public.

Here’s the gallery: