‘Once Upon A Time in Shaolin’: Single Edition Wu-Tang Album Won’t Be Heard for 88 Years

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Once Upon a Time in Shaolin

Wu-Tang Clan fans have been eagerly gobbling up news about their one-of-a-kind record Once Upon A Time in Shaolin, but the latest piece of news will probably be something they wish they didn’t know. That’s because, contrary to earlier reports (including one that the album had been purchased by Skrillex), the lucky owner of the single copy of the record will not be allowed to distribute it as he or she sees fit – because the album will have a copyright prohibiting such an action for 88 years.

As you probably already guessed if you know anything at all about the Wu-Tang Clan, the number 88 was chosen for Once Upon A Time in Shaolin‘s exclusivity period for a significant reason, not just because 88 is a cool-sounding number. The figure was chosen for its symbolical and numerological values – like, for instance, the fact when you add the digits in 2015 together, you get “8” (if only this copyright were going to expire in just eight years instead), and there are also eight surviving original Wu-Tang members alive in 2015.

If you’ve got a few million dollars sitting around, you can get your chance to win a copy of the album by checking out the Once Upon A Time in Shaolin auction listing on Paddle8 (there’s that 8 again) here.