‘Movie Director’ Portrait Prints From Julian Rentzsch and Stellavie Design Manufaktur (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Movies are cool, but you only have so much time in the day to watch them. During those off-hours, you might want to have something in your home or office that reminds you of some of your favorites, which is the Movie Director portrait print series is such a good idea. The series includes (in its first wave) stylized portraits of legendary film directors Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, and Alfred Hitchcock that attempt to capture their subjects’ work in portrait form.

If they succeed in doing that, the credit belongs to artist Julian Rentzsch, who produced the Movie Director portraits in conjunction with Stellavie Design Manufaktur. Each one combines a photo-realistic drawing of the subject with characters and images from their most famous films, along with movie-poster-like text.

But it would probably be best just to look at the Movie Director portrait series in the gallery below. And to buy one, head over to Stellavie’s website here, where they’re priced at $100 a pop.

Here’s the gallery: