ArchiBlox Designs First Carbon-Positive House

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, February 24, 2015

You’re probably familiar with the environmentalist buzzword “carbon-neutral,” which refers to an entity’s ability to avoid pumping more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than you can offset in environmentally useful ways. Carbon-neutrality is tough enough to achieve in a house, but Australian design firm ArchiBlox has gone one step further with what they’re claiming is the first carbon-positive house in the world.

ArchiBlox’s carbon-positive house is purportedly “expected to offer the same environmental benefits as 6,095 native Australian trees,” which is an impressive feat particularly considering how roomy, stylish, and comfortable it looks.

You can see what I mean by taking a look at a few photos of the first carbon-positive house in the world in the gallery below. And for more from ArchiBlox, check out the firm’s official site right here, where you can see more of their projects and get some more information about this one.

Here are the photos: