‘Damn Son Where Did You Find This?’: A Book of Mixtape Cover Art (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mixtape cover art is truly an underrated art form, getting almost no attention from the mainstream. But that might change with the release of Damn Son Where Did You Find This?a deluxe coffee table book by Tobias Hansson and Michael Thorsby devoted entirely to the best and boldest mixtape cover art out there.

Damn Son Where Did You Find This? contains within its pages more than 500 American mixtape covers, as well as interviews with the artists that created them. It’s a great book for mixtape obsessives, but it also might make a good primer for those interested in exploring a severely under-loved art form for the first time.

You can see a few pictures from Damn Son Where Did You Find This? in the gallery below. And to pick up your own limited edition copy of the book, head to the Colette online store right here.

Here’s the gallery: