Sample Stitch: Recreate Beats From Kanye, J Dilla, and More

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sample Stitch

Sampling has been a legitimate musical art form for decades now. But unfortunately, there are still some hopeless squares out there who think it’s just a matter of grunting “uhh, uhhh” over some other musician’s work, which is why the new website Sample Stitch is important in addition to being a fun time-waster.

Basically, Sample Stitch gives you the chance to replicate beats from famous producers like J Dilla or Kanye West with all the samples right there in front of you (instead of you having to log those guys’ hours and hours of listening time looking for new sounds). Should be easy, right? Well, not quite, since a few minutes of playing around on this site will show you the intricate timing involved in getting these samples right.

Sample Stitch should be enough to convert anybody who thinks sampling isn’t art, but it’s fun for anyone to play with, so check it out here.