‘Retrowave’ by Florian Renner is Like a Car Commercial From the Future (Video)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, February 12, 2015


Florian Renner is a freelance artist working in “the field of Graphic Design, Illustration and 3D Visualization,” and to get his name out there and to promote his upcoming website Synthetic Emotions, he produced a short animation that looks like something a car company might produce in the future. It’s called Retrowave, and it combines elements of films like Back to the Future, Drive, and Tron to make something unique and worthwhile in its own right.

Of course, my “car commercial from the future” scenario assumes that 80s nostalgia will be as popular then as it is now, which I guess isn’t guaranteed. In any case, Retrowave is getting a lot of attention from people on the internet, and Florian Renner probably won’t be wanting for work any time soon.

You can watch Retrowave by Florian Renner for yourself below. And for more from the animator, take a look at his Vimeo account here.

Here’s the video: