Human Made Spring/Summer 2015 T-Shirts

by: Joseph On  Thursday, February 12, 2015

New for the spring and summer of 2015, it’s a line of t-shirts from offbeat style brand Human Made. The Human Made spring/summer 2015 t-shirts are typically high-quality, with seemingly equal amounts of attention paid to both the visual design of the graphics and the actual construction of the shirts themselves.

The latter comes courtesy of Japanese brand WAREHOUSE, who provided the high-quality plain t-shirts for Human Made to work their magic on. As for those graphics, they’re a vaguely (Wes) Andersonesque blend of childlike imagery of wild animals and food, weird logos, and nonsensical phrases. In other words, the perfect way to confuse your parents the next time you come over for a visit.

You can take a look at Human Made’s line of spring/summer 2015 t-shirts in the gallery underneath these words. And the whole collection is available for purchase right now from select retailers, including this one.

Here’s the gallery: