Hare Jordan Collection Return Announced by Nike and Warner Bros.

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hare Jordan

Way back in 1992, two legends met onscreen for the very first time in a commercial for Nike. I’m talking about Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny, who first teamed up in an advertising campaign known as “Hare Jordan,” which is now making a comeback courtesy of Nike, Jordan Brand, and Bugs’ bosses at Warner Bros.

The return of the Hare Jordan collection comes as the Air Jordan franchise celebrates its 30th anniversary, and (perhaps even more importantly) as everyone in the world is being swept up in an unbeatable wave of 90s nostalgia, a force so powerful that it has convinced millions of people that Space Jam is actually a good movie.

As for what the new Hare Jordan collection will actually include, we’ll just have to wait and see, but there are rumors out there about new “Marvin the Martian” and “Hare” edition sneakers. You can check out the official announcement over at Nike’s website here, especially if you like pretending that Bugs Bunny is an actual person, which is what the press release seems to be doing.