‘Periodic Table of Sexual Terminology’

by: Joseph On  Saturday, February 7, 2015

Being a single guy means constantly trying to convince people that you are an expert in sexual matters. There is, of course, only one way to prove this definitively, but it can be harder to arrange than you might think, which is why the Periodic Table of Sexual Terminology is such a godsend.

The Periodic Table of Sexual Terminology is a clever parody of the periodic table of elements you probably remember from high school chemistry class. But instead of chemical elements, this table is all about different terms for sexual activity. 114 of them, as a matter of fact, which is weird because there are currently 118 elements on the standard periodic table. But I guess you can only have so many synonyms for mattress dancing (Ma).

You can get a good look at the Periodic Table of Sexual Terminology in the gallery below. And to score one for your own swingin’ sexual laboratory, head over to the Dorothy online store here, where they’re priced at $54 a pop.

Here’s the gallery: