‘Chinatown’: Art Project Shows Famous Logos in Chinese Neon (Pics and Video)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, February 4, 2015

One of the chief goals of good logo design is to be immediately recognizable regardless of context. That’s the idea being put to the test by artist Mehmet Gozetlik, whose Chinatown is a series of neon signs that re-imagine famous logos with Chinese characters instead of the usual English language brands with which your brain is used to associating them.

The logos in Chinatown include Pepsi, Intel, Starbucks, NASA, Burger King, and much more, but the interesting thing in looking at them is trying to figure them all out yourself. The ones with actual pictorial symbols are the easiest, since they stay the same regardless of language, but the more text-based ones are trickier. It’s fun!

You can have some of that fun by taking a look at some of Mehmet Gozetlik’s Chinatown series in the gallery below. For more from the project, head over to the artist’s official site here. And underneath that you can see a nifty “making-of” video about one of the signs.

Here’s the gallery: