Big Mac Special Sauce for Sale From Select McDonald’s Restaurants

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Big Mac Special Sauce

The McDonald’s Big Mac Special Sauce is probably the most iconic secret recipe in all of fast food. It’s one of the things that make the Big Mac more than just a regular cheeseburger, but something unique and idiosyncratic to the restaurant itself. And now, in (very) select McDonald’s locations, the sauce is being bottled and sold separately, no Big Mac necessary.

920 McDonald’s restaurants in Australia is receiving exactly 600 25ml bottles of Big Mac Special Sauce, which cost a dollar each. So if you’re in Australia, you’ve got a sporting chance at picking one up for cheap, but the rest of us have to fight over the limited edition of 200 500ml bottles that are being let go for charity on eBay.

Before you break out your credit card for a good cause/the desire to build the Big Mac Special Sauce hoagie of your dreams, you should know that as of this writing the high bid for bottle #1 is more than $23,000. If that’s not out of your price range, you can check out the listing on eBay here, but maybe instead you should just go to McDonald’s, order a Big Mac, and dream.