Crazy Case Batmobile: Bandai’s Tim Burton Batmobile iPhone 6 Case (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Monday, February 2, 2015

The debate over which version of the Batmobile is the “true” one mostly shakes out along clean generational lines. If you grew up watching the 1966 Batman TV series, you think Adam West’s sleek ride is the only real Batmobile. If you came of age during the Christian Bale era, the Tumbler is probably your go-to. But the 90s kids that are currently ruling the planet have only one answer: The Batmobile seen in the Tim Burton Batman movies, Batman and Batman Returns. And it’s this model Batmobile that serves as the inspiration for the new Crazy Case Batmobile iPhone 6 case from Bandai.

The Crazy Case Batmobile houses your iPhone 6 inside a lovingly reproduced Batmobile, complete with an LED that can project a Bat Signal on the wall, just like the previous iPhone 5 Batmobile Crazy Case. It’s not particularly easy to handle, but it looks cool – think of it as being to a regular iPhone case what the Batmobile is to a regular car.

You can see for yourself by taking a look at the Crazy Case Batmobile in the gallery below. Availability seems to be limited to overseas retailers like this one for now, but if you put your mind to it you might be able to acquire one.

Here’s the gallery: