Fat Albert Weighs in on Cosby Controversy via NY Street Artist FLOOD (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, January 29, 2015

The ongoing (and seemingly endless) sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby have created a firestorm around the comedian, with much of the media attention focused on what it means for fans of Cosby’s work on The Cosby Show. But over the course of the comedian’s career, he’s done a lot more than just create Cliff Huxtable – for instance, he’s the man behind Fat Albert, who was recently employed by New York street artist FLOOD to act as Cosby’s conscience.

The piece shows Fat Albert in a darker mood than his usual jovial demeanor, holding a sign saying “Hey Hey Hey Bill, Just Admit It,” a play on the character’s “hey hey hey” cartoon catchphrase. It’s definitely a pointed statement from FLOOD, although one doubts that it will have its intended effect on Cosby, who has seemed mostly content to deny, deny, deny, instead of owning up to the overwhelming number of allegations against him.

You can see both the finished piece and a preliminary sketch by FLOOD below, which outlines his reasons for using the Fat Albert character in this way. And for more (really cool) work from FLOOD, check out the artist’s official Instagram account right here.

Here’s the gallery: