‘Space GIF-ITI’: World’s Largest Animated GIF Presented by Ballantine’s and INSA (Video)

by: Joseph On  Sunday, January 25, 2015


What’s the biggest animated GIF you’ve ever seen? It probably took up an 8th or so of your computer screen, so in the general scheme of things, not particularly big. But what about a giant animated painting that takes up 57,515 square meters? That’s Space GIF-ITI, otherwise known as the world’s largest animated GIF, produced by street artist INSA in conjunction with whiskey brand Ballantine’s.

Space GIF-ITI gets its name from both INSA’s already established method of creating animated paintings, and the fact that this particular painting was successfully designed to be visible from space. And Ballantine’s has released a really cool video showing not only how it was done, but the finished result.

You can watch the Space GIF-ITI video featuring hard work from INSA and a lot of other people, culminating in what could be called the largest animated GIF of all time. And for more projects by INSA, head over to the artist’s official website here.

Here’s the video: