‘Nightmare Face’: Terry Crews Stars in Weird New Old Spice Ad (Video)

by: Joseph On  Sunday, January 25, 2015

Old Spice Nightmare Face Starring Terry Crews

You might remember those truly bizarre ads for Old Spice (which is one of those brands that specialize in weird commercials) starring Terry Crews from a while back. Well, now there’s a new installment, aptly titled Nightmare Face and featuring sights like Terry Crews playing his own wife and being chewed apart by electric razors.

Like the previous Terry Crews Old Spice ads, Nightmare Face was directed by comedy duo Tim & Eric, and if you’re familiar with their work you will be able to recognize this almost immediately. It’s all part of an ongoing trend in advertising that has mainstream brands like Old Spice willing to get truly weird and dark, all for the sake of attention on the internet.

You can give Old Spice, Terry Crews, and Tim & Eric some of that internet attention by watching Nightmare Face for yourself below. And for more from those crazy kooks at Old Spice, take a look at the brand’s official YouTube channel here.

Here’s the video: