Lets You Ship Your Enemies Glitter for Under $10

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, January 14, 2015

You’ve heard the phrase “kill ’em with kindness?” Well, there’s another, less well-known expression that’s a little bit similar: “Kill ’em with glitter.” Although it was neck-and-neck for a while there in which of those two things was easier, has made the glitter option much more convenient and enticing.

It might seem like a joke, but apparently is very real, charging anyone on the internet just under ten Australian dollars to send a “glitter bomb” to anyone anywhere in the world. In case you don’t have any experience with glitter as an adult, I’ll let the people behind the website themselves explain why you would want to do this to someone who has wronged you:

“We’re going to be pouring a tonne of glitter into an envelope with a folded up piece of paper. You know what’s going to happen when that fuckface opens the envelope & pulls out the letter? The craft herpes will be released & will go everywhere.”

If you have an enemy in your life who deserves to be glitter-bombed, or if you just want to see some more from a hilarious website, head over to here.