Byrd’s Pocket Comb: Each One Made From Futures’ Surfboard Fins

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Byrd's Pocket Comb

As a general rule, surfers aren’t known for their impeccably styled hair, but there must be enough of them out there interested in a comb they can carry with them everywhere to support Byrd’s Pocket Comb. Conceived as a collaboration with the famous Futures’ Fins brand, each one is made from the same distinctive composite used to make Futures surfboard fins.

But really, you don’t have to be a surfer to appreciate a good pocket comb, and Byrd’s Pocket Comb is certainly that. It’s got a pleasingly bright yellow hue, and its durable-yet-flexible design is intended to work with all types of hair (if it can untangle a thick mop of saltwater-saturated locks, it can probably handle whatever you’ve got upstairs).

Byrd’s Pocket Comb will cost you an even $10 bucks at the Byrd’s online store here, where you can order yours right now. And as you can see in the photo up at the top, that includes a slick little case, although you probably won’t need it as long as you keep wearing pants with pockets.