Curater by ACNE Studios Is the First Digital Art Subscription Service

by: Joseph On  Monday, January 12, 2015
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The young world of high-definition (and ultra high-definition) video and digital streaming has already changed the world of home entertainment, but the world of art exhibition might just be next. That’s because of Curater, a new fully digital art exhibition system developed by ACNE Studios.

Curater works by streaming high-definition reproductions of specially curated exhibitions from all over the world straight to the user’s home. The plan is for between six and eight exhibitions to stream through the service every year, but right now it’s on a select, invitation-only basis. That exclusivity is in part aided by Curater’s special “canvas,” a specially designed HD LED screen that works with the system.

Curater represents a very intriguing idea for the art world, which is that you could one day be able to see special, limited-time exhibitions housed in Paris, London, New York, or anywhere else right in your house. It’s an exciting notion, and for more on Curater you can take a look at the system’s website here.

You can also see a couple promotional photos demonstrating how Curater works in the gallery below. Enjoy: