Sony Walkman Hi-Res Digital Music Player (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Over the holiday break I had a pretty amusing exchange with a friend of the family who referred to a “Walkman” as if it were a currently relevant device. We all laughed at her for being out of touch with technology, but it turns out she was just slightly ahead of her time, since the return of the Sony Walkman has been announced by Sony.

The new Sony Walkman, known more specifically as the Sony ZX2 128GB Walkman, is compatible with an acceptably large array of formats, and can support up to 33 hours of high-resolution listening on a single battery charge (and up to 60 if you stick to mp3s). Bluetooth and WiFi allow whatever music streaming services you prefer to find a new home in your pocket, and it is all done in a way that’s probably superior to most smartphones from an audiophile perspective. It doesn’t play cassettes or CDs, though.

Release details on the next-generation return of the Sony Walkman are still to come, but you can get a little more info and sign up for updates over at Sony’s official site here. And you can see a couple photos of the device in the gallery below.