‘Your Year with Nike+’: Nike Puts Out 100,000+ Personalized Short Films (Video)

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Your Year with Nike+

If you used the Nike+ app to track your fitness over the course of 2014, there’s a significant chance that Nike has already sent you a personalized short film outlining your progress over the year. It’s part of a project known as Your Year with Nike+, which has already produced more than 100,000 such films for Nike+ users.

The Your Year with Nike+ short films vary across several customized dimensions, like location, weather, and the type of activity favored by the user. And they were produced with French artist McBess, who gives the films a unique visual flavor.

You have to be a Nike+ user to see your own personal film, but you can see a video about Your Year with Nike+ from Nike and McBess below. And for more information on the project, which is still ongoing, head over to the official Nike+ website for it right here.

Here’s the video: