Iconeme: An App That Lets Your Smartphone Talk to Mannequins

by: Joseph On  Monday, December 22, 2014
Tags:  Iconeme   Saks   Style   Uniqlo   Universal Display   Apps  


Mannequins make great clothing models because they can stand still indefinitely and don’t complain about poor working conditions or being objectified. But one thing they traditionally have not been able to do is answer questions about what they’re wearing, a tradition which is now coming to an end thanks to Iconeme.

Iconeme is a new smartphone app/merchandising system from Universal Display that feels you coming within 100 feet of a mannequin window display. Once you get closer to it, you can get all sorts of information on the clothing you see in the window, like price and designer, and you can even purchase right there on your phone without having to walk into the store. Actually useful or meaningless promotional gimmick? That’s a matter of opinion.

Iconeme is rolling out in specialty retailers like Saks and Uniqlo, so if you still have some Christmas shopping to do out in the ritzy retail world you might want to get some more information here. And in a few years, who knows? We might have to start paying mannequins minimum wage.