Check Out This ‘Star Wars Christmas Lights Show’ (Video)

by: Joseph On  Saturday, December 20, 2014

Star Wars Christmas lights show

What better way to celebrate Christmas than to also celebrate your love of a big budget film franchise? That’s the line of thinking behind this elaborate Christmas display from YouTube user Tom BetGeorge, which he calls his “Star Wars Christmas Lights Show 2014.”

This Star Wars Christmas lights show is a marvel of audio-visual synchronization, featuring Christmas lights that pulse on and off in time with John Williams’ iconic Star Wars theme song. It doesn’t stop there, though, incorporating other instantly recognizable pieces of Star Wars music, as well as musical motifs that have nothing to do with Star Wars (unless there’s a giant keyboard somewhere in the prequels that I’ve forgotten about).

You can watch Tom BetGeorge’s Star Wars Christmas lights show for yourself below. And to read a little bit more about the display, you can check out an article on the project over at Yahoo! News here.

Here’s the video: