Spacelife Jacket: Live Your Outer Space Style Fantasies

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ask any respectable 12-year-old boy what the absolute pinnacle of fashion is, and he’ll tell you it’s a spacesuit. OK, so he might tell you it’s an Iron Man suit, but are those two things really that different? And now with the Spacelife Jacket, you can come as close as possible to wearing a real spacesuit without hooking up with NASA and actually going to outer space.

The Spacelife Jacket‘s spacesuit influence goes beyond simple aesthetics – the waterproof and reflective trilobal fiber that makes up the jacket’s exterior is a triumph of space-age functionality, and the jacket boasts high-tech features like an integrated smartphone remote built into one of the sleeves.

There’s also a “special Spacelife ambassadors kit” included with every Spacelife Jacket, although it’s a bit of a mystery what it actually contains. One way to find out would be to place an order at the Spacelife online store here, but you’ll have to wait a bit since the jacket isn’t set to be delivered until September of next year. But you can see several detailed images of the Spacelife Jacket in the gallery below: