‘Moments Like These’ Brings Disney Characters to New York City (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I doubt if the world really needed yet another portrait series of Disney characters in unusual situations, but photographer Harry McNally managed to take a tired theme and make it really work with his Moments Like These series. It combines classic Disney characters like Alice and Jasmine with the photographer’s own black-and-white photos of New York City.

Many have accused The Big Apple of turning into Disney World in the last 20 or so years, but Moments Like These might be a pretty compelling argument against that thesis, since these Disney princesses don’t exactly look at home amidst the subway platforms and abandoned buildings seen in the photos. Then again, the pictures work so well that viewers could conversely come away with the idea that the entire planet is just one big Disney World.

You can take a look at Moments Like These in the gallery below. And prints of all of the pieces in the series are available for sale at Harry McNally’s online store here.

Here’s the gallery: