Equinox Snowcoach: Like a Snowmobile Stagecoach

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Snowmobiles are great for young couples or single people on the go, but what if you’ve got some interlopers (like a couple of little kids) you want to take with you through the snow? For you there’s the Equinox Snowcoach, which operates under many of the same principles as a motorcycle sidecar or an old-time western stagecoach, only with a snowmobile in place of the motorcycle or horse.

The Equinox Snowcoach is built to hook onto the back of your snowmobile, and offers seats (and seat belts) for up to two riders. It’s constructed from a durable polyethylene material, and has a suspension system that purportedly keeps the ride comfortable and smooth. And it’s available in five different colors: “Black, Yellow, Red, or Teal Green, or Sandoz Blue.”

You can read more about the Equinox Snowcoach at the Equinox online store here, where you can also get information on how to order one (they reportedly cost around $2,000 a pop). And you can also see a few photos of the Snowcoach in the gallery below: