Crumbles: Auto-Generate Text Message Supercuts From Famous Movies

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, December 16, 2014
Tags:  Crumbles   Apps   Messages   Supercuts   Videos  


We’ve all seen those supercuts that take single words from movies and rearrange them into re-contextualized messages, but they take a lot of work to assemble properly. At least, they did before Crumbles, a new online gadget (and mobile app) that takes any text you enter and delivers it via auto-generated movie supercuts.

Crumbles’ vocabulary is understandably a bit limited, but any words that it can’t grab from a movie or TV show it will deliver it from one of those text-to-speech programs, complete with a GIF of varying connection to the word being spoken. But even if that happens, the message is still pretty entertaining.

But the best way to see what Crumbles is all about is to check it out here, where you can start making your own movie messages immediately. What you use it for then is up to you, although I’d recommend reserving it for lighthearted messages and not obituaries or breakups or anything like that.