Saint Laurent “Psych Rock” Spring/Summer 2015 Lookbook

by: Joseph On  Monday, December 15, 2014

Parisian fashion house Saint Laurent is going in a much more mind-melting direction than usual for the spring and summer of 2015. To prove it, they’ve unveiled the Saint Laurent “Psych Rock” spring/summer 2015 lookbook, a demonstration of their 1960s rock inspired styles for the coming season next year.

If you didn’t know any better, you might think the photos of the Saint Laurent “Psych Rock” collection were taken 45 years ago, rather than in 2014.  That’s how well the styles capture the psychedelic vibe of the late 1960s.

Saint Laurent’s distinctive black-and-white photography still reigns, though, so the eyeball-searing colors of the LSD decade will have to be provided by your imagination.

You can check out the Saint Laurent “Psych Rock” spring/summer 2015 lookbook below. For audio accompaniment I’d like to recommend something by The 13th Floor Elevators, or maybe, if you want to listen to something of more recent vintage, The Black Angels. If that gets you pumped enough to start shopping, this collection (and a lot more) is available now from the Saint Laurent online store here.

Here’s the lookbook: