LEGO x Daft Punk: Online Petition for Collaboration Gathers Support (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Friday, December 12, 2014
Tags:  Daft Punk   Toys   Electronic Music   Lego   Petitions  

How’s this for an inspired pairing: LEGO and Daft Punk.

If you agree, you’re not alone, because a petition on the official LEGO website for a Daft Punk line of LEGO toys has been gathering steam for a while now, and it’s almost halfway home to the 10,000 electronic signatures required to bring a LEGO x Daft Punk collection one step closer to reality.

As a band, Daft Punk is uniquely suited to a LEGO collaboration, thanks to their science-fiction gimmicks and elaborate costumes. The submitter of the petition contributed a few concept photos as a demonstration of this, but really it should be obvious to anyone familiar with either Daft Punk or LEGO. Some ideas for LEGO x Daft Punk products in the petition include toys based on the movie Tron (and its Daft Punk-scored sequel), or some of the band’s classic music videos.

You can see the aforementioned photos of a proposed LEGO x Daft Punk collaboration in the gallery below. And if the petition at the LEGO website here gets 10,000 signatures in the next (as of this writing) 138 days, it just might become a reality.

Here are the photos: